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Cruise Ship Drug Arrests in 2004

Cruise Ship Passenger And Crew Drug Arrests On Cruise Ships For Marijuana - Cocaine - Heroin - Ecstasy - Scopolamine - Amphetamines - Barbiturates

Date: November 7, 2004
Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
Cruise Ship: Mariner Of The Seas
Drugs: Cocaine
Amount: 1 Kilo
Value: Unknown
Arrested: Michael Henry Belvett, 27, Jamaican, crew member
Attempted to bring cocaine into Port Canaveral after a Caribbean cruise.

Date: August 2004
Cruise Line: Carnival Cruise Lines
Cruise Ship: Unknown
Drugs: Cocaine
Amount: Tons
Value: $Millions
Number Arrested: 52
Details: Honduras supplier and a Carnival cruise ship that brought hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cocaine into Tampa each month. Tampa police, along with state and federal agents, executed nine search warrants and arrested 52 people. Most are street level dealers, but several others higher-level suppliers. The cocaine originated in Jamaica.

Date: May 19, 2004
Cruise Line:
Cruise Ship:
Drugs: Cocaine
Amount: 17 pounds
Value $240,000 wholesale
Number Arrested: 2
Details: Customs officers allegedly found the drugs sewn into the couple's clothing, hidden inside the lining of a carrying case for a laptop computer and in the lining of a backpack. There were 34 drug seizures in the past two years from cruise ship passengers arriving in Vancouver. The couple boarded the ship in Fort Lauderdale May 1 and stopped at the island of Aruba in the Caribbean before going through the Panama Canal to Costa Rica. The ship then stopped five times in Mexico before moving on to Los Angeles and Vancouver

Date: January 13, 2004
Cruise Line: Unknown
Cruise Ship: Unknown
Drugs: 639 grams of mushrooms, 1.3 grams of methamphetamine, 8.98 grams of marijuana, 1.3 grams of hashish
Value: $12,985
Number Arrested: 1
Details: Police began the investigation when the ship's doctor told the crew about a passenger who was showing signs of an allergic reaction to a substance. The passenger had apparently been given a piece of chocolate by a patron at the ship's bar, and become very sick . The drugs were found wrapped in chocolate, when the cabin of the passenger who handed out the chocolate was searched. Officers arrested the California man identified as Dustin Thomas in Key West, on felony drug-related charges

Drug Money? Too Much For Paychecks - December 9, 2004
A 44-year-old female cruise ship employee was arrested and charged with illegal money transmitting business with bank accounts in Alaska, Florida, St. Thomas and the Philippines. The illegal business was first discovered, during a routine cabin search on the Dawn Princess cruise ship. $20,392 in cash was seized.

She admitted receiving money from several crew members for remittance to the Philippines. Further investigation revealed that she transmitted more than $255,000 to the Philippines illegally. (that is more money than "several" crew members would make in a year)