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Cruise Ship Crew Arrested For Drugs Drug Arrest on Enchantment Of The Seas

December 18, 2010 Cruise Ship Crew Arrested For Drugs, Cruise Ship Drug Arrest on Enchantment Of The Seas

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Cruise Ship Crew Arrested For Drugs on Enchantment Of The Seas

Cruise Ship Crew Arrested For Drugs Cruise Ship Drug Arrest on Enchantment Of The Seas - December 18, 2010

Agents searched Gavin Excell, 35, a Jamaican who worked aboard Enchantment Of The Seas as a crew member, when the ship docked in Baltimore, and found 700 grams of heroin and 300 grams of cocaine hidden in his waistband and shoes, according to an affidavit filed in federal court. Police say they got a tip.

The ship had returned that day from a 12-night trip to ports in the Caribbean, including Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the British Virgin Islands, the cruise company said in a statement.

Two other cruise ship employees — John Swart Garth and Kishurn Neptune, both 27, who worked in the galley — were also arrested, and the three face charges of conspiring to import drugs into the country. The drugs were picked-up in the Dominican Republic on December 10, 2010.

The crew members were accused of picking up more than a kilogram of heroin and 500 grams of cocaine in the Dominican Republic when the cruise ship stopped there December 10, with the intention of delivering it to associates in Baltimore.

Two U.S. residents were also arrested December 18 as they allegedly took delivery on heroin and cocaine at a Walmart in Covington, Maryland. Agents said they saw Garth in the Walmart parking lot, where he got into a GMC Envoy occupied by Loxly Johnson, 48, a Jamaican-born legal resident of the U.S and Shenika Nicole Graves, 34. Both are from Virginia.

Johnson, a Jamaican male living legally in the United States, who was driving the vehicle, was pulled over after he left the lot, agents said. He allegedly had $8,000 in cash in his possession, while Graves allegedly had 1.5 pounds of heroin and two-thirds of a pound of cocaine in her purse, in packages wrapped in duct tape.

The ship was searched again on Saturday, January 11, 2011 and 1 1/2 pounds of heroin and nearly a pound of cocaine worth around $94,000 was found aboard the ship Enchantment of the Seas.

The drugs found Saturday were sniffed out by a dog trained to detect narcotics, and were found hidden in a room accessible to any of the ship's hundreds of employees, leading officials to believe their is an on going problem with drug smuggling aboard Enchantment Of The Seas.

The drugs were found wrapped in silver duct tape, similar in appearance to the packages of drugs found in December.

Prior to this drug ring bust, there was a drug ring broken up on Explorer Of The Seas. That case is here. Another cruise ship drug ring was broken up on Mariner Of The Seas distributing cocaine out of St. Maarten.