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Edward John Molinari
Cruise Ship Passenger Drug Arrest

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Explorer of the Seas Passenger Edward John Molinari Cruise Ship Drug Arrest

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Edward John Molinari Drug Arrest

Cruise Ship Passenger on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Explorer of the Seas Arrested for Drugs

When Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines' Explorer Of The Seas docked at King's Wharf in Bermuda on April 11, 2011, drug dogs were brought aboard. Police say "a tip" lead to information that Edward John Molinari, 42, of Lake Grove, New York had $175 worth of cannabis in his cabin. Molinari was arrested for importing cannabis into Bermuda.

Molinari was on the cruise with his wife and three children when he was taken into custody. At trial the next day, Molinari pled guilty to importing cannabis and was fined $3000. The typical fine for importing cannabis into Bermuda is $1500.

When police entered the Molinari cabin, they found seven marijuana cigarettes, one partially smoked. The recovered drug had been in the locked safe within the cabin.

Molinari claimed he found the dope in a cigarette pack hidden beneath the bed in his cabin. He further claimed that he was afraid his children would find the pot so he locked into the safe, instead of taking other remedies such as flushing it down the toilet, tossing it overboard or turning it over to ship's security. The judge didn't buy the excuse.

Asked to address the court, Mr Molinari said, "I want to ask for leniency. I didn’t smoke it, I didn’t bring it in. I have three little kids and I locked it in the safe. I found it before we came to the Island. I found it under the bed. It was in a cigarette packet. It was like my wife’s cigarettes so I threw it in her purse. She said it wasn’t hers and I threw it in the safe and was going to throw it out."

Explorer Of The Seas embarked from the Cape Liberty Cruise Port in Bayonne, New Jersey on April 9, 2011 at 1700 hours arriving in Bermuda at 0900 hours on April 11, where she stayed until 1700 hours on April 12, returning to Bayonne on April 14 at 0800 hours.