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Brittany Anne Pitts-Day
Arrested Plead Guilty To Illegal Drugs

Drug Arrest on Enchantment of the Seas, Brittany Anne Pitts-Day Arrested Plead Guilty To Illegal Drugs June 26, 2007

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Brittany Anne Pitts-Day

Drugs on Enchantment of the Seas - Brittany Anne Pitts-Day was Arrested and Plead Guilty To Illegal Drugs - June 26, 2007

Brittany Anne Pitts Day
Joseph James Termini

Date: June 26, 2007
Drugs: Ganja
Amount: Approximate 5 grams
Value: $ Unknown
Number Arrested: 2
Details: A Cayman police officer with a sharp eye spotted Pitts-day, age 25, in downtown George Town talking to a known drug offender. He stopped and questioned her. He asked her name and she indicated she came in on the cruise ship Enchantment Of The Seas.

Then when he asked her how she knew the man she was talking to, she indicated she had known the man for about a week. This of course told the officer something was amiss, as the Enchantment Of The Seas had not been in port for a week, it had docked that day.

While he had nothing on her, just because she was talking to past drug offender, it was enough for him to get permission from the captain of the ship, to board the ship and search the couple's cabin, because he suspected that Pitts-day had entered into a drug deal with the local man.

At the cabin, the officer was met by Termini, age 21, who let him in. Inside he found Ganja and a Ganja pipe that had been used, with Ganja residue inside. At that point, Pitts-Day returned to the cabin. Ganja was also found in her handbag. Both were removed from the ship, placed into custody, and charged.

Pitts-Day also said the ganja and pipe had been purchased in Jamaica and smoked en route to Cayman.

Magistrate Margaret Ramsay-Hale said she was taking into account the fact that they had spent four days in custody when she imposed a fine of $500 each for the ganja and $250 each for importation of a ganja pipe. She also ordered them to pay $125 each in costs.

Ms Gunn said there had not been time for laboratory analysis of the ganja, but its weight was estimated at five grams. The magistrate said the lab report was not necessary because the defendants’ admissions were sufficient evidence.

Both are American citizens, residing in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.