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Kentrick Francis Cocaine Arrest
Drug Dealer Arrested December 28, 2006

Kentrick Francis Cocaine Drug Dealer Arrives By Cruise Ship Partner Is Arrested December 28, 2006

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Kentrick Francis Cocaine Arrest

December 28, 2006 Kentrick Francis Cocaine Drug Dealer Arrives By Cruise Ship Partner Is Arrested

This case of a drug deal gone bad, began on August 4, 2006 at 2:00am when Kentrick Francis, of the Bahamas, arrived with over six pounds of cocaine, allegedly attempting to deliver the illegal drugs to another man, Emanual (Skip) C. McKenzie. age 25 of Vero Beach, at a location in Sebastian, Florida. Sebastian is in Indian County.

When the two men met, McKenzie is alleged to have approached a truck driven by Francis, and asked Francis if he had the drugs. According to Francis, McKenzie ordered him to drive to an area that was unpopulated and not very well lit.

Francis then claims, McKenzie got out and walked around the truck Francis had arrived in, pulled out a gun, came back around to Francis, shoving the gun into his face. Francis paniced, and sped away, with McKenzie taking shots at Francis. Francis was hit three times by the gunfire.

A citizen called 911 with a report of shots fired, bringing police to the scene. By the time they arrived, Francis had already been taken away from the scene by emergency medical technicians, and McKenzie had fled. But, police found the cocaine in the truck, and followed on to the hospital, Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne, Florida. There, Francis gave an account of the facts, that failed to mention the drugs. He said a man attempted to rob him a gun point, and he fled.

Police tests on the packages of cocaine produced evidence of Francis's fingerprints on them, and police prepared to arrest Francis who was hospitalized with a collapsed lung and broken bones. But, before police could make the arrest, Francis left the hospital and fled back to Bermuda.

Then, for some reason that is unclear, Francis came back to the U.S. on October 17, 2006. U.S. Immigration and Custom officials arrested Francis after he arrived in Port Everglades on an unknown cruise ship. Once arrested he was questioned regarding the shooting, and outlined the course of events presented in this article.

On December 28, 2006, police finally caught up with McKenzie, who was hiding in an attic. He was placed in a line-up, and was identified by Francis as the man he met to exchange the drugs. Police brought charges against McKenzie of attempted felony murder and trafficking in cocaine. McKenzie is is being held in custody in lieu of $2 million bond.