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Robert Beal Drug Arrest
Passenger Arrested For Drugs Norwegian Dream

June 25, 2008 Robert Beal Cruise Ship Passenger Arrested For Drugs Norwegian Dream

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Robert Beal Drug Arrest

June 25, 2008 Robert Beal a cruise ship passenger arrested for drugs on Norwegian Dream

Robert Beal

Date: June 17, 2008
Cruise Bruise: Illegal Drugs Arrest
Bruise Location: Bermuda
Age: 53
Home Town: Massachusetts
Cruise Line: Norwegian Cruise Lines
Ship: Norwegian Dream
Details: Robert Beal, 53, of Massachusetts, pleaded guilty to one charge of importation when he appeared in Magistrates' Court.

The court heard from Crown counsel Michael McColm, that on June 17, 2008 the Seaport Enforcement team along with a security guard and a sniffer dog went on board the Norwegian Dream docked at number six shed in Hamilton looking for drugs.

The sniffer dog alerted the officers to a cabin and when they knocked on the door, there was no response. The security guard opened the door and the officers went inside to find the cabin unoccupied.

The sniffer dog alerted the officers to a grey safe. When they opened it, they found a small plastic bag containing plant-like material.

Later that day, the officers met with the cabin's occupant, Beal, who admitted the drugs belonged to him. He was arrested and taken to the Hamilton Police Station where it was revealed the plant-like material was 6.70 grams of the controlled drug cannabis.

Asked if he had anything to say by Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner, Beal said: "It's turned my world upside down. I may have lost my daughter and grandchildren. I take full responsibility for this. What you do to me couldn't hurt me more than I already am".

He explained he had recently been reunited with his daughter after 30 years and took her and his three grandchildren on a cruise for a vacation. He added he had been embarrassed by the whole ordeal.

He was fined $2,500 to be paid immediately.

Gelfuso apologized to the court and was fined $1,500 for each drug to be paid immediately. See: Steven Gelfuso Drug Arrest