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Adrian Morris Cruise Ship Drug Ring

Adrian Morris Cruise Ship Drug Ring Conviction Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Explorer of the Seas

Adrian Morris, 28, from Golden Grove, Saint Ann, was arrested on June 6, 2010, after video footage aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines' Explorer Of The Seas connected him to a 8.5 pound bag found in the disco aboard the cruise ship which contained cocaine.

Upholsterers refurbishing the bar area of the cruise ship's dance club found the 8.5 pounds of cocaine stashed under a seat on June 6, 2010. Video footage was viewed to see how the bag got into the disco, under the chair.

Video footage reviewed, showed Morris moving the bag from outside his cabin, to the disco. He was detained onboard and locked up for 18 hours until the ship reached Bermuda the next day.

Phone records from the ship supported Morris’ claim that as soon as the drugs were found, he went to Stewart to report them missing. Yet, at trial, Stewart claimed he didn't really know Morris, maybe having said "hi" or "hello" to him in passing.

Morris said that he was paid $1500 by Ricardo Valentine Stewart to keep the drugs on the move, so that they wouldn't be found during security searches.

Explorer Of The Seas drug ring, one that also involved passengers aboard the ship on numerous occassions, smuggling cocaine into Bermuda from St. Maarten. Passenger were said to bring the cocaine onto Explorer Of The Seas from St. Maarten.

Morris worked as cleaner aboard earning $565 a month in legal wages. Married, a father of two children, the easy money to supplement his wages was very tempting.

According to Kelnile Bushay, 35, another cleaner on the ship, from St Vincent and the Grenadines, Ricardo Stewart arranged for passengers from the Explorer of the Seas to pick up cocaine in St Maarten. He and Morris only assisted in the process. For his part, Bushay was paid $2,000.

Detective Constable Alickson Severin told the court, that St Maarten is known as one of the transit points for large quantities of cocaine that emanate from Colombia.

Severin told the court that the cocaine seized from the Explorer of the Seas had an average purity of 47.5 per cent and would net between $424,500 and $735,375 on the streets of Bermuda.

Morris pleaded guilty to conspiracy to import illegal drugs and was sentenced to 6 years in prison in a plea deal after he helped investigators crack open the drug ring and fingered Stewart.