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Kevin M Celli
Bahamas Cruise Ship Cocaine Drug Arrest

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines - Adventure Of The Seas April 13, 2014

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Kevin M Celli

Bahamas Cruise Ship Drug Arrest, Kevin M Celli of Cape May New Jersey was arrested for Cocaine on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines - Adventure Of The Seas April 13, 2014

Kevin Celli, 37, from Cape May, New Jersey, Farm Director and winemaker at Willow Creek Winery in Cape May, New Jersey, was arrested while on a Bahamas cruise with his family.

Kevin Celli was arrested in Nassau, Bahamas with possession of cocaine in his possession. Celli faced three months in jail after pleading guilty to possession of cocaine, if the fine levied by the court wasn't paid that day.

Celli accepted the facts read by the prosecution, that he had been arrested aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's cruise ship Adventure of the Seas on Saturday night April13, 2014, when a package of suspected cocaine was found in his possession aboard Adventure Of The Seas.

Celli also accepted that he told police, while in custody, that he had purchased the cocaine from a man in the area of the Straw Market. "Kevin Celli said that he was ashamed that his wife and family had to leave Nassau aboard Adventure Of The Seas without him.

Adventure Of The Seas sailed without Celli, as he sat in the Nassau jail for the rest of the weekend, awaiting a court appearance before Magistrate Andrew Forbes. Celli told Magistrate Forbes, "I was walking around the straw market. I was drinking. I had like two rums that morning. I haven’t used since college,” he told Magistrate Forbes.

Celli was one of five male cruise ship passengers from two Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines ships, arrested, charged and convicted after confession to possession of illegal drugs. Celli was the only passenger convicted for possession of Cocaine, the others all had marijuana.