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Jorge Luis Figueroa Agosto
Alleged International #2 Drug King Pin Arrested

Jorge Luis Figueroa Agosto Alleged International #2 Drug King Pin Arrested Princess Cruises Caribbean Princess - November 22, 2010

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Jorge Luis Figueroa Agosto International Drug King Pin #2

November 22, 2010 Jorge Luis Figueroa Agosto Alleged International #2 Drug King Pin Arrested Princess Cruises Caribbean Princess

When one of the most important drug busts in Puerto Rico history began, Jorge Luis Figueroa Agosto, 40, his wife, children and in-laws were aboard Princess Cruises' Caribbean Princess.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents had been tracking Jorge Luis Figueroa Agosto as part of an investigation into the organization allegedly led by his older brother, Jose Figueroa Agosto, the so-called "Pablo Escobar of the Caribbean," who was captured in July in Puerto Rico after an intensive manhunt.

November 22, 2010 as Federal agents went house by house to arrest those on a list of a dozen and half people involved in a drug ring investigators say was run by Jorge Luis Figueroa Agosto and his younger brother Jose Figueroa Agosto, the younger brother had already left the country on what was described as a "family vacation".

When police searched Jorge Agosto's apartment they found numerous guns, including one used to kill Bianca La Gorda, on December 5, 2008.

Agents waiting on board the Caribbean Princess arrested Jorge Agosto, the alleged second-in-command, before the ship reached the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The drug cartel was said to be transporting large amounts of cocaine fro South America via ships from the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico. From Puerto Rico, the cocaine was bound to the U.S. on cargo ships as well as by drug mules on airplanes.

Jorge Luis Figueroa Agosto was expected to be transferred back to Puerto Rico later Monday for arraignment.

The others charged along with him are accused of a variety of roles in the organization, including shipping drugs and laundering profits through real estate and other business deals.

Recently, 20 people were arrested for the black market distribution of pornographic movies that depicted Jose Agosto alias "Junior Capsule", having sex with several women.

While this latest arrest closed the door on an investigation that reached back into the 1990s, it has left more answers than questions regarding the relationship between the two brothers.

A local source reported, "The Puerto Rican fugitive drug trafficker Jose Figueroa Agosto is in fact an agent working for United States Drugs Enforcement Administration (DEA), news source Primerahora. com of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico reported on Sunday. The report coincides with recent complaints by the Presidency’s Narcotics Adviser Marino Vinicio Castillo regarding the United States “incoherence” in the case of the country’s most wanted fugitive.

Primerahora. com said Figueroa, also known as “Junior Cápsula“ in Puerto Rico is a DEA “mole” or informant, “who has done an excellent job of detecting high level drug trafficking in Dominican Republic.“

The news source said Figueroa’s alleged work would explain why he has yet to be caught and his escape from a federal penitentiary at Piedras Rio in 1999 with a forged judicial prisoner release order. It adds Figueroa also fled from prison that year together with the Dominican Francisco Solano, whom like “Junior Cápsula“ would be linked to the DEA, for which they did “various jobs.“

“It’s possible, almost for sure, that both were removed from Puerto Rico by the federals to do some job,“ said the source. “Figueroa Agosto managed to do his work, since there are many people who were in drug trafficking and now they know (the authorities in the U. S. ) who they are. “ Castillo revealed that despite that the fugitive had been arrested in Dominican Republic and spent nearly 10 years in the country, the U. S didn’t follow through with his extradition request."

While this report is only a rumor, a very well spread rumor from top Dominican Republic officials, it is worthy to note that while Jose Agosto got prison time, that conviction could be either total red herring, or what Agosto actually plead to before being placed in witness protection.