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Patrick Gallo Drug Arrest RCCL Explorer Of The Seas Passenger Arrest

August 11, 2010 Patrick Gallo Drug Arrest On Cruise Ship RCCL Explorer Of The Seas

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Patrick Gallo Drug Arrest

August 11, 2010 Patrick Gallo Drug Arrest On Cruise Ship RCCL Explorer Of The Seas

As security officers from Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's Explorer Of The Seas walked the halls aboard the ship they smelled burning marijuana and decided to investigate. Entering a passenger cabin door they were greeted by Patrick Gallo, 27 from New York.

At the time the ship was in the jurisdiction of Bermuda and that is the jail Gallo ended up in after he was arrested for importing cannabis and having possession of cannabis within the jurisdiction of Bermuda.

The standard fine for small quantities of the illegal drug is $1500 in Bermuda, the amount numerous cruise ship passengers have added to the cost of their cruises, along with air fare home from Bermuda when the ship sailed away without them.

When security officers went inside Gallo's cabin they found Gallo holding a partially burned hand-rolled cigarette. A further search of the room found a second partially smoked cigarette and another bag with plant like material.

A total of 2.5 grams of cannabis were found in his cabin.

Bermuda police were contacted at 1045 hours and questioned Gallo, who said: "All right, it's mine."

Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner fined Gallo $1,500 for importing the cannabis to be paid immediately. There was no additional penalty for the charge of possession. As long as those arrested admit to having drugs, pleading guilty and making the cost of prosecution as little as possible for the tiny Atlantic island, the court tends to have mercy on those convicted, letting them get back to their homes and life quickly.